The product

Our first product, a MEG with 48 sensors, 144 channels, will be available for sale by the end of 2022.

Scalable number of sensors :
from 16 up to 96 sensors
(48 up to 288 channels)

MAG4Health’s electronics relies on a modular approach, allowing to upscale the sensor number while keeping precise synchronization, both among sensors and with stimulation devices, simple digital data acquisition and a user-friendly computer interface.

MAG4Health MEG
cryogenic MEG

MAG4Health’s sensors work at room temperature, allowing:

  • no cryogenics maintenance
  • a lighter magnetic shield that can be installed on any floor
  • an adaptable helmet optimized for children, preclinical studies
  • a helmet allowing movements

Room Temperature, neither cooled, nor heated

Noise <40 fT/Hz1/2 on 2 of the 3 axis

Bandwidth of >2 kHz, detection of whole brain dynamics

Dynamic range: ±250 nT

High accuracy, operated in continous offset compensation

Adaptable helmet, automatic localization of sensors


If you are interested by this technology, its clinical applications, or if you wonder how to join this adventure...