Improving management of brain disease
Or precision personalized brain medicine

We believe that our ergonomic, reliable, and room temperature technology will pave the way for a new era of Magnetoencephalographs (MEGs), to improve the care of patients with brain disorders, starting by diagnosis and rehabilitation after concussions.


MEG records the magnetic signature of the electrical currents generated by the neuronal activity.

MEG is the only neuronal imaging device providing both high temporal and high spatial information. MEG can focus on temporal activity in one part of the brain of a few tens mm3, compute brain correlations among various bain regions, giving access to a new generation of neuromarkers.

MEG is not invasive, safe, using neither radiation nor injection.


Quantum sensors

MAG4Health takes advantage of a quantum technology that works at room temperature to simplify the installation and the use of the MEG. The technology, developed at CEA, is the helium optically-pumped magnetometer.

Latest publications

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Beato F. et Palacios-Laloy A.

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