High-end neuroimaging for all

We leverage a room-temperature environmental-safe quantum
technology for magnetic brain imaging

MagnetoEncephaloGraphs (MEGs) are the most accurate instruments for recording neuronal activity. We believe that quantum sensors based on optical pumping of helium (helium OPMs) will pave the way for a new era of MEG, opening the access to richer recordings, increased patient comfort, at much more affordable prices than current cryogenically-cooled sensors.

Mag4Health, our startup, currently incubated by CEA-Leti in Grenoble, pioneers this new generation of MEG, and works towards its industrialization and sale.

Our MEG systems rely on the only OPMs working at room temperature, without any heating or cooling, and compatible with background fields up to several hundreths of nanotesla. They also open the way to conformable helmets fitting all head morphologies with repositionable sensors, allowing for patient’s movements during the data recording.

These quantum sensors have been matured first for Space operation, in a large project with the European Space Agency. They demonstrated their robustness in Space from their launch in 2013 up to now. We adapted this technology to MEG and performed a first clinical trial in 2016, and strongly improved the performance of the sensors the following years. In 2017 we were awarded Best Early Stage Innovation among H2020 projects by a board of investors. In 2020 our startup project got the 2020 i-Lab French national innovation prize.

Our preliminary multi channels MEG device is currently used by several teams for clinical trials.

If you are interested by this technology, its clinical applications, or if you wonder how to join this technological adventure, please write to us !

Matthieu Le Prado, PhD - CEO

Matthieu graduated from Grenoble-INP enginnering degree and HEC Challenge+ program. He has led the CEA lab where the first helium sensors were applied to brain. He is used to manage large teams of people and to think in a strategic way. He quickly became the natural leader of our company.

Etienne Labyt, PhD - CMO

Etienne is a world-class expert in EEG and MEG. He has worked for more than twenty years in the field and authored numerous works on these subjects. He is administrator of the France Life Imaging network and has set up 25 collaborative projects since 2014. He knows well the potential of MEG, and is willing to bring our breakthrough technology to leverage it even further.

Agustin Palacios-Laloy, PhD - CTO

Agustin is an expert in quantum technologies and technological transfer. He holds a double engineering degree from Ecole des Mines ParisTech and Politecnica de Madrid. After a PhD on superconducting qubits, he developed industrial transfer skills in Saint-Gobain. In CEA-Leti he soon become expert in quantum magnetometers, led their application to MEG and advised several PhDs.