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The team

Matthieu Le Prado

PhD - CEO Matthieu is graduated from Grenoble-INP enginnering degree and HEC Challenge+ program. He has led the CEA lab where the first helium sensors were applied to brain. He is used to manage large teams of people and to think in a strategic way. He quickly became the natural leader of our company.

Etienne Labyt

PhD - CMO Etienne is a world-class expert in EEG and MEG. He has worked for more than twenty years in the field and authored numerous works on these subjects.
He is administrator of the France Life Imaging network and has set up 25 collaborative projects since 2014. He knows well the potential of MEG, and is willing to bring our breakthrough technology to leverage it even further.

Agustin Palacios-Laloy

PhD - CTO Agustin is an expert in quantum technologies and technological transfer. He holds a double engineering degree from Ecole des Mines ParisTech and Politecnica de Madrid. After a PhD on superconducting qubits, he developed industrial transfer skills in Saint-Gobain. In CEA-Leti he soon becomes expert in quantum magnetometers, led their application to MEG and advised several PhDs.

Jaroslaw Rutkowski

PhD - Electronic engineerJaroslaw is an Electronics and Embedded Software Engineer. He graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology. After a PhD on helium-4 magnetometers for space applications, he spent several years on the development of precision metrology instruments like atomic clocks, GNSS systems and FSI interferometers for organisations like DGA, ESA, GSA and CERN.

Rudy Romain

PhD - PhysicistRudy worked during 10 years on atomic physics and laser-cooling-based quantum technologies in academic labs in France and in the UK. During his stay at the CEA-Leti, he familiarized himself with the field of magnetometry and its medical applications. He has now taken charge of the integration and operation of our MEG system.

Kevin Arth

PhD - Expert in medical devices and QMSKevin has a background in electronics engineering and neuroscience, which he has applied to the development of several innovative medical devices, notably during his PhD at Institut de la Vision in Paris. These experiences allowed him to develop strong skills in QMS and medical certification. He has joined Mag4Health for contributing to both technical and reglementary tasks which will allow our MEG to become a widespread clinical tool.

Sergey Mitryukovskiy

PhD - Expert in laser and opticsSergey has a strong expertise in the field of optics and laser science. He gained his PhD from Ecole Polytechnique and has more than 10 years of experience in fundamental science, but his real passion is the transformation of a scientific idea into a real-life application. Sergey has exceptional problem-solving skills and is highly motivated by the challenge of harnessing physics for addressing neuroscience. He leads the industrialization of our sensors and designs their most complex mechanical parts.

Guillemette Barier

Manufacturing technicianGuillemette is passionate about precision mechanics, crafting and optics. She joined Mag4Health for manufacturing the sensors of our first products. She will also be improving the mechanical assembly process and training our future manufacturing team

Michèle Lesieur

Former CEO of Philips Healthcare Advisor

Patrick Chauvel

Neurologist in Cleveland Advisor

Claude Delpuech

MEG expert Advisor

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Collaboration & Scientific board

We work with 6 neurology institutes and have connections with 7 more:

University hospital Lyon

Olivier Bertrand

University hospital Marseille

Fabrice Bartolomeï

University hospital Amiens

Fabrice Wallois

University hospital Lille

Philippe Derambure

University hospital Brussels

Xavier de Tiège


Stanislas Dehaene


Our Partners

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